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Platform Women Dress

Platform Women Dress
career shoes for women? Do you know of? Also "business casual" advice?

Hello, I just accepted a job where the attire is business casual. I need some VERY comfortable dress shoes as well. I do not want heels, maybe a slight platform, but no heels sharp, still have to move, lifting, etc of the brand or store where they sell the brand would be great. Also, some tips on "code business casual dress code would help, I've never had a good work before lol.

Easy Spirit and Aerosoles brand shoes are comfortable … Some styles are a little grandmother, but if you browse all the things you can find some nice casual and even fashionable. For informal Biz, avoid showing toe, as in sandals, but for most clogs places are fine. Definitely not slippers! … I worked with someone who was in a nice casual dress to work and got into problems for the flip! Biz generally informal means, suits, jackets and are not necessary …. I definitely avoid jeans unless others at work use … it is usually wise to stick to the pants, skirts, blouses (no difference!) and button down shirts …. avoid skirts above the knee if you in an office. Eddiebauer.com JJill.com Jcrew.com and can give you some good ideas …. but do not end up buying them because of price, you can easily copy your style in other department stores. For the best picture of how to dress, however, go through the new workplace and check out what everyone else is using. Best of luck in your new job!

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