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Platform Wedge Thong

Platform Wedge Thong

To complement your dressing Sandals Styles

The beginning of summer starts a lot of changes in their apparel collection. The same applies to his, feet, because they are praying for the winter footwear and a pair of comfortable sandals. You've done all the initial work to make sure your feet look great sandals: the pedicure, the moisturizing, maybe even an exfoliating. After all this ground, you want to really walk around all summer in just any pair of sandals? Of course not! You want to choose sandals that are as good for the feet as it has been.

If your preference in the choice of sandals is a fad, you're in luck this summer. hottest styles this summer are so quiet because they are smart. Great soles and better support in the focus of this year, and is likely to stay in fashion for some years to come.

Envishoes.com has come up with a variety of sandals to name a few as Naughty Monkey "nature" Naughty Monkey "tre chic and Lucky Brand" Andie. "

Our product Naughty nature sky high sandals are mono helping contact your adventurous side. Naughty Monkey "nature" is made of synthetic leather upper wedge-shaped so dress sandal with a round open toe. Naughty Monkey "nature" 's faux leather vamp and instep straps are convenient to bind. Stud and ball ornaments that adorn the blade T-strap are also there in Naughty Monkey "Nature." Naughty Monkey "nature" 'S with buckle ankle strap secures the fit. Smooth lining with a padded footbed is also there in Naughty Monkey "nature." Naughty Monkey "Nature" has 1 1 / 4 inch platform sole sole fulcrum. 4 1 / 4 inch faux wood wedge carved completed, the mischievous monkey "Nature" style.

Then comes our next range, which is Mono Evil tre elegant sandals. Naughty Monkey "Tre chic" is a timeless thong sandal for everyday use. Synthetics are superior in Naughty Monkey "chic" Tre. Naughty Monkey "tre chic" is in construction with adjustable strap heel strap. Synthetic compliments Naughty Monkey "chic" Tre.

Our band of the day, Lucky Brand Andie sandals. Lucky Brand "Andie" is a sample of your style sandal Woodstock. Lucky Brand "Andie" consists of strips of leather gladiator-style upper casual. Strap sandal with a round open toe Lucky Brand "Andie" sandal is wonderful. Lucky Brand "Andie" consist Basket weave detail on the instep and ankle. It also has braided belt toe. Lucky Brand "Andie" is a trio of buckle at the ankle. Leather lining with a padded footbed is praise of the Lucky brand "Andie." Rubber midsole with toe flex is at Lucky Brand "Andie." Lucky Brand "Andie" has also raction textured outsole.

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