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Platform Wedge Sandals

Platform Wedge Sandals
Where I can find jelly shoes or sandals that look like this?

I had a pair of shoes with gel heels before, but like all articles plastic, had to be discarded. I'm looking for a particular type of jelly sandal / shoe. I'm really not in emerging these days … the closest is that of Marc Jacobs: http://www.marcjacobs.com/ # / en-us/marcjacobscollection/women/resort09/shoes? look = 8, except I do not really like the platform. I would like to be in a wedge or heel. Anyway, I've been searching the web for them, but could find none. I am willing to buy online, but if it's even better if there is one in a shop or boutique in the U.S.. 10 points for best answer! Serious replies only … thanks in advance! Zebra, I want the exact design, except I do not like the heel height.

http://www.thefind.com/apparel/info-jelly-heels-sandals This site has a lot of different types of sandals jelly including ones with heels. Hope this helps! Good luck:)

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