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Platform Stiletto Heel

Platform Stiletto Heel

With Stiletto thigh high boots, platforms and wedge

Spike heel

Thigh High Boots are the sexiest any glam shoes crazy women want to use. So it goes without saying that the stylus is the best combination for these shoes. Stiletto is a symbol of female power. Use boots with stiletto heels not only gives a foot-on-the-air feel, but also gives a seductive body structure by making unnatural curves in your body naturally.

But remember, if you are choosing high heels, which are an expert walk through there, or you are at risk of some bones in the feet for walking practiced in them. If you are not either of these two are therefore stylus is not for you. Furthermore, if the foot is flat, it will be very painful to wear stiletto heels. As the face is the index of pain can ruin your look painfully tail wearing a stiletto. The best option for this is to go for a starter platform with little difference in height of toe-to-heel.

Platform Heel

If you are starting a little less, and then use a high leg is not very good for you without a raised platform. These boots seem to increase his height, and give the most desired. Unlike stiletto heels that do not cost much on their health of the feet have delivered a resource glam appeal. Some boots have a stiletto and platform, the first by the heel of the boot and the second for the toe. Imagine wearing a stiletto 8 inches without a platform to support toes. Really unimaginable! This shoe makes your dream of being in an eight-inch heel of an absolute reality, providing toes well supported.


Not many thigh high boots come with wedges, but it definitely looks good. The wedges are cosmopolitan look and are a great addition to your boots to the thigh which gives it a very welcoming appeal to your computer. The soft down of the heel to the tip adds beauty to your walk. As a platform, wedges not cost the health of the feet of an attractive resource. They can be very well spent no effort in both his legs. sheepskin boots leather wedge are very soft and gives your feet a beautiful appearance.

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