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Platform Stacked Heel

Platform Stacked Heel

High heels in women `s fashion

The craze for high-heeled shoes will never diminish. Women love to wear high heels. Given much confidence and feel great. Men also love to see women in heels. The image of a woman's use of high heels and shaking his hips during walking is a spectacle which men love to watch.

It also increases a woman's ego to be so visibly admired by men. The love of high heels can cause a woman to spend a fortune on designer clothes. His love for these shoes has done manufacturers invent innovative styles to match current trends. You can see different colors and different categories of high heels on the market.

History of high heels:

The history of shoes dating back to the 17th century. It was first used both as a tool to help Egyptian butchers walk on the shed blood of the animals after killing them. It was also used by riders of horses help them to slide while driving. But high heel shoes today became fashionable when Catherine de 'Medici, "the wife bit short of the Duke of Orleans, wanted to enhance his stature. I wanted to add a few more inches to your height. But he began to roll the ball and more women are enamored by the need to look higher. This heralded the trend of using high-heeled shoes.

The decline of the heels:

High heels lost its popularity during the time of the French Revolution in the 1700 `s. Once again, it became fashionable a century later and continued fighting until the early twentieth century. It ranked third-soled shoes flat dominated the fashion world for some years thereafter. High heels were then hit back with Louis heels. And the heels have remained a important part of women `s fashion to date. Today, clothing is also designed to adapt to wearing shoes with high heels.

The trend contemporary:

In the mid-1900s, stiletto heels became fashionable. They were designed to look like a dagger and was hugely popular with women. With the spread of high heels in every field, women are driving them each and every place. They can be used outdoors, to the party and even for office use. The design of the shoes changes accordingly. The heights vary too much from a simple starting 2 inches to a whopping 8 inches tall. Varieties include platform shoes, heel wedge, stacked heel and heel reel.

Places where you can wear heels:

In recent days, could wear heels parties only. But over time, high-heeled shoes are being used for the office and even to make the standard work such as making the grocery store. Icons Today's style sets with examples of innovative high heels that are then incorporated into daily use by the people. They can even put on the heels adorned with a large amount of painting and sculpture. But these shoes can now be used for any occasion.

No heels make you feel good?

Due to the fact that women look more seductive and sexy, they like to show off their high heels. Heels not only increase the height, but also make the legs look very attractive. All women's welfare changes when you walk by a pair of high heels. She looks very sophisticated. Tan high heel shoes without doubt a new dimension to the personality in

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