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Platform Shoes Size

Platform Shoes Size
Grown women shoes size ONE?

I have a friend that's in her 30 years and is one size. Its really annoying for her to find shoes and has tried a lot of things to find some. She mostly wants a shoe with a platform on it because she is also on the short side. I'm trying help her and I'm trying to get ideas on websites or stores that anyone can learn. Thanks!

I have the greatest website! I have 14 and up last year I was a size two, now I'm a 5 1 / 2 and matching the regular sizes, but I found a great site for small shoes. I think only reaches a size of 5, but has lots of mature styles especially for dress shoes that are impossible to find in sizes for children. is called Cinderella of Boston, and is in California, but live in new york, and shipping is very good and the shoes arrive quickly. They are comfortable, and I hope your friend will like them. Let me know what thinks.http: / / www.cinderellaofboston.com/ Besides, I know says that it starts with a size two, but always supposed to go up a size in their shoes. Although I was a 2 i was always order a 3 and so. Also, be returned, so I recommend your friend to get a pair, and if not fit, they can be returned, and you do not have to pay shipping to return it. 🙂

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