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Platform Sexy Pump

Platform Sexy Pump
Quite comfortable platform shoes for wider feet?

I love Aldo shoes and Steve Madden shoes but my feet are a little more wide as my foot does not fit into his shoes pumps especially thei / hiking shoes … if my foot is set in its open-toed shoes … uncomfy but the curious thing is that my foot adapts well in most of their boots and flats / sandals! I have a new love for the platform shoes, as sexy, but the platform makes it more comfortable to wear. What brands of footwear have platform shoes that are pretty and fit people with wider feet … and arent too expensive? Thanks

Hello. Ok, so I do not know exactly what shoes would work best for you (I love Aldo and Steve Madden, too), but this is what I would do …. I would by DSW (if there's one in your area) or a store like that has a great selection of shoes and try it. I've been there recently and have a whole section of platform shoes. That will give you a good idea about what works for you and what does not. Another good thing about a place so you can get great prices on some nice shoes. Really I think you can help and you can find a brand of shoes that fit better and feel comfortable. Hope this helps and good luck!

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