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Platform Sandal Shoe

Platform Sandal Shoe

History of platform shoes

You may think platform shoes are something out of contemporary pop culture, but could be wrong. Platform shoes has a rich and varied history that begins in the theaters of ancient Greece. actors was often tragic platform sandals with outer soles of wood or cork. This added height is reserved for characters of special importance or nobility. The practice was adopted by the Romans, who called these kothorni platform sandals.

Catherine d'Medici wore specially made 2-inch platform heels to her marriage to the Duke of Orleans. The Duchess petite "platform sandal" Guatemalans were called and were popular in Venice. Were different from other high heels at the time because the high Chopine entire foot. Romans also said that men use high-heeled shoes to increase height in China during the Qing dynasty, a Manchu nobleman, wearing platform shoes similar to the Venetian slippers.

These platform shoes were associated with wealth, nobility and power. They were a way to disguise petite size of someone, or to raise a "significant" person to even greater heights. Platform sandals, but they also have one less "noble" history. They were commonly used by high-born courtesan in Venice during the 16th century, and were used in the 18th century to lift people out of putrid mud in the streets.

Platform shoes in the U.S. was and Europe in the decade 1930, 40 and 50 but did not become a sense of fashion until the 1970s and 80s. At first, platform shoes were popular for young women, but once reigned disco, platform shoes became the essential accessory style young men. These platform shoes are all about making a statement as scandalous. Rockers such as David Bowie and the band KISS was platform shoes as part of his characters larger than life itself.

Shoes Ad Platform 80 years 70 were made with cork, wood and synthetic floors. These plants could transform massive boots, slippers, dress shoes and sandals, even feelings of the platform. As the trend advanced companies (Kork-Ease) was for "comfort" platforms, while others attempted higher altitude and even more extravagant designs. The trend started to disappear at the end of 1980 but has made several comebacks in the 1990s and first decade the 20th century. The Spice Girls rocked in platform shoes for a new generation of teens and preteens.

Although it might seem platform shoes most outrageous, which is actually better for feet than most high heels because they elevate the whole foot, heel and toes, keeping the same level.

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