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Platform Pumps Heels

Platform Pumps Heels
What I can do to feel better because I can not go buy these pumps that I wanted?

I'm crying right now because my parents did not give me money for these beautiful pumps I want. They are for sale at the carnival of shoes and I can not buy because I have no money. I am a transvestite and I am a boy of 19 years I love shoes, and high heels and dresses. I already I have 4 pairs of stiletto pumps and a six-inch platform pumps in black, but I wanted to buy one more add to my collection, I took money from my father's wallet when he was not looking for months. I am very upset because I can not buy these shoes. What could I do to feel better?? Sometimes I wished I was born a girl so you can use these shoes and I dated a guy to buy me heels. Then pumps are wanted to achieve. What could I do to feel better?? Http: / / www.shoecarnival.com/Product.aspx?id=73852&cid=1

I hope you joking I'm sorry, but not if ur depressed then its cos ur not allowed to buy some shoes and shit when it has occurred recently, as an earthquake in Haiti people are afraid and death, so if this is a joke is not funny and if it isn't get a life and stop being so selfish that sounds like a fucking spoiled Bratt, worse happenin r things in the world and gives us the same 'bout ur shoes

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