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Platform Open Toe

Platform Open Toe

Fall In Love With your legs again

The love for their longer legs

No matter how long or short legs are – Women know that is so important to accept that they are blessed, as it is to give the impression of long legs. Fashion has been instrumental in providing a path for us to improve our legs. The combination of the right clothing and appropriate footwear has been shown to work wonders. Here are some easy tips to lengthen your silhouette for any occasion.

Aim high. The choice of high heels target = "blank"> high platform shoes can really make an impression. Everyone knows that the elevation of the heels will make it high. But it can also help make your legs look slimmer and longer. If you fear high stiletto heels, casual enough for those platforms that have the same effect with a little more stability to boot. You can have the confidence to go higher in their platforms than you ever would in stiletto heels.

Tip: Although it might be enough, stay away from the ankle straps if your goal is to make the appearance of the legs. Belts can be cut or discontinued printing elongated appearance. Simplicity is the key to not distract from the visual effect of a long, graceful legs.

Go strait. The conical, pointed shape of close-toed shoes give the effect of longer legs. They also appear much less annoying. Example: Compare a blunt pencil edged with a one and you will see that although they may have the same length of a sharp look longer. Deputy toes are always an elegant look. But going with a finger open foot is a little more comfortable – especially during the warm months of summer or long nights of dancing.

Tip: If you are self-conscious about the size of their feet toes close, can not be right all the time. Also avoid flats if you have big feet and choose platform shoes high or heels that add height.

Make the effort to match. Sometimes we forget the simplest rules – like the color. Adjust the color of your shoes with the color of his pants and let him reach the appearance of longer legs. Its silhouette will flow much more naturally than the eye will color and how. Combine black platform shoes with a pair of black pants.

Tip: The thinner the heel, the most equipment can be adapted. thicker styles and platforms wedges better to go with a more casual look. You can also match well with their short skirts, dresses shorts, sarongs and trousers leg.

Go naked. This is much less controversial than it appears. By going naked with shoes that you can prolong line of the leg. When the heels match your skin tone legs look much longer. Better yet, you will not have to sacrifice their favorite ornaments as belts and cords. We love how some designers like those behind the daniblack shoes have embraced this relatively new trend.

Tip: If you go for the naked look of shoes, be sure to add a touch of color with the rest of your wardrobe. You want your legs to look no longer – so you can look like a leg.

Always make the most of what you have. If you have long legs and or need a little boost, the trick is never to waste what you have. Get into your most comfortable target = "blank"> patent platforms or take a position in their high heel pumps more aggressive. Feel confident that your favorite shoes are adding extra height and sleekness that you need to love your legs again.

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Thomas Moody is a freelance fashion writer. He always keeps himself updated about the latest trends and fashion in women’s designer shoes.

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