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Platform High Heels

Platform High Heels

How to walk confidently in Sexy High Heels

The use and walking in sexy high heels is a totally different experience to walk and not too difficult. With a little practice, you step in high heels in no time.

  1. After using their sexy high heels, stand up slowly and become accustomed to the new position of your weight. Do you have something close that you can grab because you might feel like tipping over at first. In front of a mirror body whole stand for a while, then turn slightly to each side. Not only will you be able to check your posture and profile, but the act of merely standing in high heels help to remove some of your fears, and let you get used to the heel added.
  2. Take a few steps in high heels. Keep legs as straight as possible and together. Start with slow, short steps, placing the heel first then rolling onto the palm of your foot, the ball then your toes. Remember also move your arms because it will help maintain balance. With each step, point your feet as straight in front of you as possible. If possible, do it at first on a hard floor (not handy).
  3. Continue walking back and forth across the room, turning different directions, and without stopping at its wobble high heels. The more relaxed you are, the easier to maintain balance. Part of looking fierce is projecting confidence. So remember to keep your back straight, head up and shoulders rounded. There is no slouching in fashion.
  4. As you feel more comfortable with your high heels or platform shoes, practice on various surfaces such as carpets and wood floors down. Do not do on thick or padded carpeting because it can throw off your balance. Start off slowly with each one of them and remember to work on stops, turns and even slow dancing. Avoid sand, dirt, mud, grass (your heel with sink into the ground like a golf PEG), snow sleet, broken gravel or any surface that is more difficult to walk.
  5. Finally add that extra pop in their path, with a point of the most ferocious of all the walkers: models! When models walk on the trail that will take your feet and cross it slightly over the imaginary line on the front side. This is what creates that sashay in the hips and almost complete walking fierce.
  6. Have a practice!

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