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Platform Heel Shoes

Platform Heel Shoes

Crazy high heel shoes Spring / Summer 2009

When I'm looking for information to write about, a fancy way of heels high only caught my eyes. Several of the photos only make me stop and say, "Wow!" So today I'd like to share these shoes exaggerated Spring / Summer 09 instead of designer replica handbags. I'm sure that will surprise with these crazy design.

These shoes are really super realism. The designers not only profited from the ridiculous thoughts, but also Use thin heel than you ever imagined to support the great mass of shoes. How can I say, maybe this time we can finally see the dawn of creation shoes " and focus our eyes on the heel creative. We will disseminate our field of vision now … Although we do not have the courage to buy one, we can still enjoy interesting fashion design.

Brand Representative? Chanel? Loewe

Loewe not only consider the way of elegance and reminisce. Loewe established bulb 'and the pattern of the screws in the heel of the shoes. We have to admit the combination perfect post-modern style and luxury. Even Chanel brought the gun-heeled shoes. From any point of view, the shoes are in really early spring season brought a great feeling for us.

Sculpture Culture
Brand Representative: target = "_blank"> Dior? Basso and Brooke

Can we say that the designers are asking the changing role of artists? These shoes classic and elegant features, like perfect art. I guess the designers waiting for their eternal popular works like the architecture of ancient Greece.

Iron structure
Brand: Celine? John Galliano? Michael Kors

Style shoes iron structure does not aim to reject the trend of fashion. In fact, just another creat key fashion season.

Slim heel
Brand Representative:
Louis Vuitton? Marc Jacobs

The heel fine as drip, hair stick, or others. It seems a bit abstract, right? Frankly, I worry that if we can safely use them.

platform shoes
Brand: Just Cavalli? Dolce & Gabbana
Since early 15th century platform shoes that have occurred in the history of the fashion industry. Looking back the history of fashion, we find that platform shoes form of expression appears different in each stage. This season, the shoes turned back to what the old crying for those addicted to his wife. For those who are High praise for thin-heeled shoes would never deny the palatability.

While heavy-bottomed heel slim
Brand Representative:
Gucci? BCBG? Dior
Here comes the fine-heeled shoes. This time, ending the season reseize thick heel and the state in the stadium "T". While adding a bit of heel-thin brand new building began a relationship with a thick base. As shown, a thick base and decorates the only way the back support super thin heel. They fit perfectly and produce strong contrast effect. Very elegant at the same time filled with sex appeal.

Brand Representative: Aminaka Wilmont
As soon as I see the pictures, I am very surprised with the appearance fool. The style nihilism takes away the heel. It seems that the elegance that shows is irrelevant. Better or worse does not matter.

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