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Platform Heel Sandals

Platform Heel Sandals
Would it be better to use tight jeans with platform heels?

I have some very good and cute platform sandal stilettos that I love to use, but now I'm going to college and I stay in a dormitory of the best for me to wear long jeans skinny heels covering what is not sexy? Definitely I'm trying not slutty or trying to get attention or anything. "I can go to class and still wear heels under my jeans? Or should I use elsewhere or leaving?? I always wore a skirt to the knee to go out with my friends. Is it necessary to hide in my bedroom to keep getting removed?? What think I should do and what should I bring with them?? Below is a pictue of my shoes. http://www.snaz75.com/pl-sky-310.html

I not lead to class and I do not wear them with skinny jeans, only to accentuate. On the other hand uses a nice touch that covers the heel. People never seen and to classes. Ever.

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