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Platform Heel Pump

Platform Heel Pump

Hot New pumps with a Burlesque Twist

The first time I got the new 5 3 / 4 "sequin pumps marijuana (TEE07SQ/RG) of shoes Bordello outside their beautiful pink and black box I was surprised at all. Although this model ship, purple and black too, I was privileged to walk test the gold and red pair. I begin by saying that the picture itself is something to behold. The safe in black and white is adorned with a pink logo Shoes Bordello burlesque and a satin ribbon to boot. With a box like this, these shoes would make an awesome gift for any occasion.

Usually, I'm not one of those high heels. For the most part 4 "is the limit of what I can bear to walk into any extended amount of time. That's where the hidden platform in these beauty saves the day. My size 8 feet felt as if in a couple of 3-4 "heels instead of 6." The platform was hidden under your feet comfortable without the excessively rigid heels that some have. As the setting was nice I had to take these dazzling kicks out for a night on the town. Accolades abound! I must have been detained for twenty people worship they found cool in my heels. These shoes are strong! They draw attention to the right foot with a great power! As for comfort, The bombs went well considering they were new. I guess a couple of wear and I to enjoy greater convenience. Not bad though, no blisters, sores, or abrasions.

In short, on a scale of ten who had these nine rate for looks and 7 for convenience. These vouchers provide maximum gloss and glamor, while still offering wearable comfort. Be sure and check out Bordello Baby shoes hairpiece.

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