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Platform Booties Shoes

Platform Booties Shoes
Should I buy these shoes?

I'm usually VERY thrifty. When it comes to clothes, well all I have very less than $ 30 (including shoes). Yesterday I was at Nordstrom Racks, and I was looking at the aisle of shoes when I found these boots Burberry. They were originally $ 940, but discounted to 500. Then, they were more favorable Over 35% to $ 325. I love them, but $ 325 is not something that can pass easily. I know I can wear with anything, despite that the 5-inch heel is a bit of a problem, but the platform keeps them from being too uncomfortable. Only a few left too, and my size. Http: / / www.polyvore.com/burberry_prorsum_victorian_patent_booties/thing?id=1682654

are So cute! If you break the heel, you can always go repair! Enjoy something nice:)

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