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Plaid Pleated Knot

Plaid Pleated Knot

The use of it by surprise its Ties

Ladies, there may be nothing more attractive to your partner you in your clothes, especially if you are using only one or two items and not much else. No explanation of this phenomenon, but it's true, and you really need an explanation anyway? A tie for example, can be a useful accessory when used with a little imagination.

Let's start with the obvious, we know you like in just his shirt buttoned. Part attraction here is that, if you play your cards right, comes to remove it. As part of the fun is getting there, add one of your ties and becoming in the process even more interesting. For extra fun, pull her hair in a bun and add a few simple accessories like a pair of glasses and a ruler, a pointer or a piece chalk. Guess who's in charge now! We're betting will have a very willing student in his hands.

Or maybe take it in the opposite direction, with an oldie but a Goodie: Begin with a short tail, white blouse – a small size or two is more effective – and add a tie, tied short. Throw in a very short skirt, plaid pleated and if so, knee socks and a ponytail. Do you know where we go with this, right? Or a wide belt straps are optional, and a branch all day or lollipop. You must be getting the picture. He will, too.

Again the obvious side, the tie without a shirt is more than a little intriguing. If a silk tie becomes, the better, since the only thing softer to touch you. This works the same way as if you're still in your pocket, of course. You will have your full attention in both directions. Use a little creativity here and you can create different effects. Leave too much slack in it and put on his best tough day on the front Office. Make a big bow in place of traditional loose knot. Loop as a handkerchief. You may be surprised at what happened on their own. Variations on this theme endless.

Used alone, a tie or multiple ties can be replaced by almost any article of clothing or used as camouflage just enough to keep interesting things. Loop around the hips with the wide end hanging to cover, however, point the way to Paradise, which have a clear invitation for Adam to play his Eva. Use a tie as a headband to hold a pen and add a bit of strategic war paint. Hello, Pocahontas! Last but not least, think that the old expression, "the ties that bind." Need I say more?

Have fun with your own ideas. You can find an unexpected gift in the way he woke up after a little experimentation. As for your man, who may never see his tie in the same way.

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