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Pink Sandals Shoes

Pink Sandals Shoes
What should I wear tomorrow?

I have almost everything. Too much clothing. Today, I wore a yellow Tanktop under a purple, lime green sweatshirt hooded and dark wash jeans. It was like 57 degrees, but a little cold due to wind. Tomorrow will be 70 degrees (yay!) I am thinking about using a light wash denim short skirt with tights. I have black ones and pink. What shoes and top? I have blue flip-flops, flats brown, pink shoes gym, gym shoes, brown, red loafers, sandals, pink, and gold sandals. Thanks! They have white on them, but very cute. They have a platform Lil.

NNNNNOOOOO LLEEGGIINNGGSS! Definitley out. Wear a mini skirt) a combination white shirt (as above) 2) a "T" chart 3) tank top and cardigan shoes match the shirt, but I like the sound of more gold sandals

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