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Pink Platforms Wedges

Pink Platforms Wedges

Tired of being small, now they want to look taller and thinner?

If yes, then you are really lucky, because here are 10 tips Useful behind them every little girl can look framed tall and thin. Now, when they have tried every possible way to see what his physical strength is not Actually, let me give you some great tips on how you can use your dress sense as an important tool for the desired look.

Tip 1: Make sure you are wearing a monochrome dress. It's not difficult, just go dark suit from top to bottom. For example, you can try black chiffon top and black pants. This dress will look monochromatic high and slender body.

Tip 2: Dump all light colors such as beige, beige, cream, white, pink dust your closet and go in dark colors: black, navy, bottle green, a bright pink and brown. metallic dresses are shaded so really these days you can try some copper metal or bronze shade dresses. It will provide a look taller, but make sure the color of your dress is not too high. You can also opt for fashionable clothes in small print. Always remember, the smaller the print, rather than look slimmer.

Tip 3: Never go to fabrics with designs that horizontal stripes make you look wide and short. Instead choosing fabrics with vertically elongated and uniformly saved striped patterns. This will help give a slim silhouette. For a fine point that can be covered with handkerchiefs tied casually late disc.

Tip 4: Get yourself some thin belts and tie loosely. Trust me, but that cleverly hide your problem areas. Wide belts are a big no-no. Avoid it goes maximum to cover part of your abdomen and waist, therefore, gives a short look at his body.

Tip 5: For jewelry, never go for chunky jewelry and bold. long necklaces and heavy chains are also not recommended. Heavy jewelry will look as large to go with cable ties neck long and thin with stone pendants precious. These days a wide range of fashion jewelry is available. So, you can pick things elegant and delicate according to your dress and occasion.

Tip 6: Choose the clothes that fit better. Never be ashamed to buy clothes that best fit within its framework. Do not buy loose fitted, boxy and bulky clothes. Remember provided, nothing may accentuate the curves better than a well sewn dress and well positioned. Here I have a personal advice, please let the button loose jackets and cardigans, and yourself packing a dress can be a mistake.

Tip 7: Go-soled foot is very thin. Platforms, chunky heels and wedges thick straps should be avoided. I would suggest you try high heels, high heels and kitten heels tapered, will make your legs look long and your body will be curved. Flats will also do well always has one very elegant.

Tip 8: When you select the neck of her dress, be very careful. T-neck or shoulders will not be perfect. Therefore, to go on V-neck. It will offer a higher profile and thinner.

Tip 9: You can try to dress like capris, a line skirts and dark shade for a beautiful and elegant look.

Tip 10: Last but not least, have confidence and faith in you. Use any clothing, personalized with your own makeup, accessories and a bright smile on her face.

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