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Pink Peep Toe

Pink Peep Toe
What should I bring .?????/? morning

I have: i skinnys couple of light a pair of boot cuts half a pair of dark gray skinnys 2 pairs of dark looming skinnys feet flat pink uggs short black heels black gray pink puma converse black and pink brown and green roketdogs roketdogs a pink teal tut, like a skirt high waisted black skirt bubble skirt dress with a black 6 black jean skirt leggings as tights stockings leggings gray purple tops I wear: a t-shirt pink hollister shirt hollister a plain brown teal v-neck long sieve ruffley first white (flying in the breast) a navy henley one rolls a rose aero aero teal hoodie red shirt sieve areo long yellow argyle sweater tanks of all colors …. what to wear i … out of all this up:) thanks xoxo jay …. i have more clothess but these things r id consider using 2Morrow .. where I live it'll be 49 degrees f. .. not all so hott ..

dark skinny jeans tucked short uggs in black with teal hoodie aerodynamics underneath the black tank

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