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Peep Toe Size

Peep Toe Size

How to make great work shoes look smaller size

Generally, women want their feet to look nice and delicate. If you have a significantly larger size that is disproportionate to their body size and your height, you have no choice to buy women's shoes large. However the use of oversized shoes women do not have to make it look fun. You do not have to be too self-conscious about it either. With the many styles available in the market, you can choose some designs that make your feet look less big.

Add a little height and curves

The shoes are thinner look and looks like this. That's why you should avoid toes. Instead you should look for a style that is more rounded at the toes. There are even some designs that have fingers flat feet. But he also has to be careful not to make your feet look too wide either.

High-heeled shoes look good and sexy. But there is a reason to use them now. If you are trying to make their large size are smaller women's shoes, the curved shape gives high heels an illusion of a smaller size. Even if high heels are said to be bad for your feet and your body, it helps so much. If you're really concerned about adverse effects that could give even a better option is to use high-heeled shoes that have thick wedges and heels. They are much safer and even make their feet look smaller too.

Less than skin, big feet

If using large size shoes for women, should be demanding in the selection styles of the shoes. You must wear closed shoes more. But if you want to wear shoes most elegant, it can still, of course, wear sandals determined. But you Avoid the tiny. The skin is exposed more time your feet usually appears. So when was the exposure of large women leather shoes must limited to peep toes and sling backs.

Closed shoes could also be made more exciting. In more detail, larger companies could shoes look smaller. You can choose a pair of shoes with buckles, laces, bows and other details. Not only is smaller looking shoes, but elegant too.

Keep It Dark

To keep your feet looking for more small, you should choose dark colored shoes. This does not mean you must use shoes, black or brown only. You also have the option to use other colors, but you should choose darker tones instead of bright. By example, there are darker shades of red, blue, green and natural colors. You could even match the colors of her dress the color of your shoes, if you want.

Try it on

If possible, you should try before you buy shoes. It is the only way to really see the effect of shoes on their feet. On the other hand, if you online shopping tips above listing would be more useful.

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