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Peep Toe Double

Peep Toe Double
Prom is Saturday …?

My dress is long black velvet, with a strap. My shoes are black satin peep-toe pumps. For jewelry: a long string of fake pearls to bend more. I'm wearing red lipstick and mascara with a little eyeliner. How I do my hair? It's long and hard about the armpit, and naturally wavy / curly dark blond. I'm kinda thinking straight.

You sound equipment and make very elegant and formal. When I think elegant – my first thought is usually Audry Hepburn. Usually in the photo with her hair in a bread … what would be a very kind way to go. Just a simple slicked backward looking. However – I can not help thinking that you're hair down would be very elegant too. You could go with some loose curls and a few strands fastened with brooches silver. Or even a sleek, smooth look under would be a nice accent to the dress. Your dress sounds beautiful and I'm sure it will be wonderful … enjoy at the prom!

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