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Peep Toe Caged

Peep Toe Caged
Where I can find retro or vintage peep toe shoes for my wedding?

Hello, I have a retro-inspired wedding next 1940 years. My dress is actually 1940 and plan to keep a bird cage veil. Now I'm looking for shoes to go with. The problem is that I have a foot / ankle problem and can not wear shoes with a heel over 1 ". It would be great if the shoe had a ankle strap. It was hard to find retro white shoes with no heel. I live in Portland, Oregon. Any suggestions for local places Portland website would be awesome. Thank you in advance! I loved Mod Cloth, thanks for the suggestion. Actually had a great show but did not yellow …

You really can not go wrong with eBay. Write exactly what you're looking for. The thing is that anyone who has something like to be put on eBay because that's where people go to buy things like that. You can even create an "alert" on ebay where he daily email with what you looking.

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