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Peep Platform High

Peep Platform High
I can not tell if my finger PEEP new pumps are too tight?

I just bought my first pair of heels two days ago, are Jessica Simpson, 3.5 inch heel 0.5 inch platform, red patent leather. I have them in a size 6, and Jessica Simpson is a little big in size. but when I put them on, and that seems to fit perfectly, but then I start to walk in them i feel tension in the area where my toes, and a little loose in the heel. the balls of the feet start to hurt too quickly, I'm not sure this has to do with the fact that this is my first pair of heels and I have not used the pain of using high heels, or shoes are too tight. I tried a six and a half and there is a little too much space in the area of the heel (back of shoe). and he walked the slipped back a bit. so I chose the 6. some tips, suggestions or ideas on my situation? Do you think you are too tight or is it just that I am a beginner

It sounds like you have a problem similar to what I find with some brands of heels. They can fit in some places and not in others. Can never peep toes, the Apparently my toes are too big? = (But I suggest that if it isn't too tight of a fit, trying to stretch. You can pull just the front where PEEP is placing a finger sandwich bag half of water in it and then place the shoes in the freezer. As water freezes it will make you stretch. Just make sure the bag is closed so that no water leaks from leather shoes are true should stretch easily.

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