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Patent Mary Jane
How I can get my daughter to keep her shoes?

We moved from Hawaii a year ago and my daughter was eight years old enrolled in private schools. The school has a strict dress code and the girls required to wear dress shoes (patent mary janes or loafers). The teacher says my daughter is constantly taking their shoes in class. My daughter says the shoes cramp your feet, but I double checked the shoes and are the correct size. I guess I just do not get used to wearing dress shoes, having been barefoot most of the time in Hawaii. How I can get my daughter to not take off as dress shoes?

She could be complaining about the width, sometimes these shoes are not properly sized in width and can make your feet cramp. Take her to a doctor and get a note saying you need use another type of shoe for your feet feel comfortable and then you could also have their size to the width of check – if you need more to get a shoe, but also informed him that she needs to keep shoes when you are in school, but when the school allows it you can change to other shoes or barefoot. It old enough to understand the rule and can accept the compromise.

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