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Toe-to-toe: The Sony Ericsson vs Samsung Pixon Satio 12

In August, Samsung revolutionized the world of mobile phone image with the launch Samsung M8910 Pixon12. The main feature of the device is its top-line 12-megapixel snapper that was unmatched by any other mobile phone in industry. Well, that record was delayed until about a month ago, when Sony Ericsson launched its own monster pictures as the Sony Ericsson Satio.

Naturally, these two smartphones faced each other as comparisons and reviews appeared on the left and right. online blogs and reviews magazines alike did their best in trying to make his case that was the best mobile phone. In this same line of healthy rivalry competition, we also we have our own version as it coincides with the two finger to toe. Remove the popcorn, because this is going to be good.


Although both phones have a candy bar form factor similar, there are many differences between the two in terms of design and construction. For starters, rounded corners in the Pixon12 give a more casual atmosphere, while noted in the Satio corners provide a more formal, enterprise-class resource. So Pixon12 sati and family come in shiny black finish and also have similar surface front dominated by their big screens.

However, only 3.1 inch touch screen display Pixon12 is a bit smaller than the 3.5-inch display Satio. What Pixon12 screen lacks in size, makes up for resolution. Compared with the capacity Satio 360 x 640 pixel display, the Pixon12 is much better at 480 x 800. Although it may be smaller, you are assured of a higher productivity of the image resolution screen is Pixon12.

Feature Set

When it comes to the functions of mobile phone base, is about a fair match between the two. Both have similar voice and connectivity options data – data sheets that you would find in any other smartphone on the market. However, when the leaves Satio Pixon12 is far behind in category software.

The House

And now we come to the end – the last piece of the puzzle. There is no better basis for comparison of what has made these two devices talk of the town. Although both have 12-Mgeapixel snapper on board, could not be more different.

The camera Satio has a decent set of features including autofocus, 2 flashes, geo-tagging, and face and smile detection. However, has a range Pixon12 much broader – literally if you take into account the 28mm lens that allows a wider angle. The unique features such as variable opening, auto mode intelligent and automatic focus tracking touch are just some of the few features that make the Pixon 12 snapper much better – on paper, of course. Performance wise no But its more or less the same level especially if your job description does not imply professional photography.

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