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Out Flat Sandal

Out Flat Sandal
Help, please! hot date, flat shoes, short (ish) skirt and top – any advice, please?

I have a night with a guy I really like in a couple of weeks. We meet at an elegant bar. Ideally, use a skirt or dress as women want to look & feel, but I am quite tall and I will not rise on most of the men in my high heels. I have in mind a short black skirt friction, either sandals or flat shoes, but I want a good start that looks classy. Not sure what type of cover. Or even for a short or medium length dress? I am 27yrs, tall, slim. long wavy blond hair. Sorry to go on but I'm in a dilemma. I wonder if any girlies others offering your opinion, please?

I was you I would go for the mini dress boho style theres lovely out plain and team up with silver gladiator sandals is good for the dilemma floors are dressed in cute keep it simple www.asos.ie Bute have good black with sleeves to get broke silver or gold sandals and matching jewelry simple! good luck x

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