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Out Cozy Comfy
so I have some questions and a poll! … (These opinions are therefore very simple).?

Hello everyone! well need a new lotion, my old bottle is still very low. so is better? Olay body quench, Vaseline or cocoa butter, shea (not sure of the exact name is the brown bottle)? Does any home remedies for plantar warts on the feet? other than tape. How do you make your room feel comfortable? just as comfortable as adding little things and such? well, I just bought a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer, and a switch of ions. u can turn on and off. What to do? (No come with instructions.) Survey: If you were locked in a public toilet for the night, what's the first thing you would do? 1) for the safety Grudge 2) to call someone 3) made a mummy out of toilet paper 4) using all the soap 5) have a claustrophobic Freakout 6) tries to escape down the drain / toilet … I? I probably dance then sleep on a bed of toilet paper (hopin for 2-layers!) thank you so much and hope you enjoy the survey! ps best answer will be picked!

Hello. First, God bless you, answer my question. I will do my best to answer yours. ☺ Well, I never used the Olay quench body but I've used Vaseline Cocoa shea butter and smelled a lot and worked quite well. ☺ so that's a good choice. I do not have the resources for warts sorry, but maybe try soaking it, buy wart remover cream and ask a pharmacist what you might suggest. ☻ To make my cozy room that he bought a small armchair blue and white stripes, and next to it I have a beautiful lamp simple high that gave the room a nice glow. Also, try to fill a bookshelf with books or two colors, it gives your room the touch homiest IU never swear. make sure you always have a vase of fresh flowers and fruit plate. I usually eat oranges! Choose a cozy comforter and pillows, and add a cushion or two brilliant! Also, photos and postcards are welcome along elegant bowls and put things in jewelary etc. Sorry, but I honestly I have no idea of the Vidal Sassoon hair dryer. good luck with it though! Hm. I like this survey! I would like to grope on bars of soap, wear dresses and fashion have toilet paper, then create an entire room made of nothing in the bathroom. as, a bed, some books, things that would normally have in a room. in the morning when you open your door, I act really annoying and be like: how can anyone get any privacy in a public toilet! and walk off in a rage. ja, ja ☺ Bye! I hope I helped!

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