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Orange Gold Faux

Orange Gold Faux
color palette for the bedroom?

have burnt orange and beige carpet with dark wood paneling lower walls need color ideas for upper half of the walls, they also have gold and red / orange accents, faux finish possible?

I think a faux finish would be particularly nice but it sounds like the colors that could be getting a little busy, so I would suggest that consideration be maybe a color wash or lime wash, putting a veneer lighter on the top of a darker color, so the end product is tilted towards lighter. Perhaps something like the traditions of America 2005-8C 2004-11 Rose buttery khaki, brown glaze, or even lighter, maybe 3005-6A lazy sun with a lime wash, although that may come too peach. But that me, and I usually do not like dark colors dramatically unless you are very good for the rest of the decor. If you prefer a very dark color, perhaps 2004-7B Mocha Java with Bright Red, Gold lacquer. Before you commit to something that could be very costly in time, effort and materials, you could try buying some sections Drywall and see if the paint department can try some colors on them to take home and place in the room for comparison, as samples the carpet. Obviously, I would ask people to paint before I bought the drywall, but a full sheet of drywall is only $ 11. Oh, and remember the polish will change color significantly, so if you go to the shows, make the whole process, not just the base color. Good luck and have fun!

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