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Open Toe Strappy

Open Toe Strappy

Need a new pair of heels? Some tips for choosing the pair

There are many different types of high-heeled shoes, including pumps, platforms, sandals, wedge heels and high heeled boots for women … and the growing tendency of men to wear shoes now, this shows how many fashion styles of shoes now covered. The heels are not too high to be fashionable and acceptable … so here are some tips to help choose a pair of high heels:

…. Choosing the correct shoes and high heel leg …. If the legs are too thick, pointed heels Toe may seem much smaller and can make feet look out of proportion with the rest of the body. Find a heel that makes your legs look in proportion with shoes. Many people make their legs look slimmer by choosing a design wider shoes. Heels that are too strong can make your legs from being strong as well.

…. What shoes are best for a team ?…. length of dress, style and color are equivalent to the choice of shoes, for example, if high heels are used with a short skirt is a very real danger that the wrong message to convey. A pair of heels will lengthen the appearance of slopes long to a shorter person, but take note of the heel as the dress or skirt must not appear too long or too short. A full-length dress does not require produce the shoes because it will not be visible. Mid-high heels may be more suitable for suits to the knee. Be careful of wearing high shoes decorative a long dress in particular those that may conflict with the details of clothing. Fancy shoes to get better results with shorter dresses. Simple classic shoes are more suitable for long dresses made. Avoid black shoes with pastel colored suits unless all fittings are coordinated. If you wear jeans, the way to the bottom of the jeans can also indicate the election. Platform heels can be great with jeans and jeans, if they are long the impression that you are taller you can be a bonus!

…. …. Beware Security straps and high heels stilletos. They can look super sexy, but can be easily twisted ankles. Be careful that the straps are firmly attached and the heel is well balanced choice. Maybe choose a wedge. A rough idea would be additional funds for new shoes that can prevent a bad accident on the dance floor.

Flexibility …. …. wedge shoes can provide greater flexibility and can give all the leg slimming 'and' extra high 'the benefits of a heel is not as high. They are great with a length medium and mini skirts and are ideal for the office. High-heeled boots can also be very flexible and can be used with almost all computers. They are great with skirts and acceptable for office use.

…. …. Comfort High heels do not have the sense of "super high heels" or stiletto heels that can be very painful if not properly selected, and are not oriented to walk too far in. If heels have to go hand in hand with comfort, which is a sensible option .. then a lower heel or kitten heel should be selected. Maybe choose a style with square toes or open feet and shorter, chunkier heels instead of stiletto heels, or perhaps, again, theversatile wedge that slopes gently up and supports the entire foot area. Wedge heels are good for the office, because they may be used for longer periods of time without too much stress on the foot. Maybe later in the shop the day as feet swell as the day progresses. Also allow a period of time to break in if one intends to bring them to a special function. Ultimatel heel height should be determined by elected many aches and pains one can afford.

The sex appeal …. …. sandals with heels and boots with heels are very, very sexy and very versatile too. Also to improve the femininity, sandals tied above the ankle or leg, called attention to the legs and feet. Most sandals with flip-flops, some of which fall under the category of high-heeled shoes, have small, delicate heels, called kitten heels, making them gives a look that can be dressed up or dressed, depending on ones preferences.

About the Author

Sharon has recently moved from Kenya, East Africa and has started to write articles to promote her developing interests in fashion, beauty and wellbeing. Sharon is the owner of Heaven On Heels which hosts a huge range of high heeled womens shoes. Boost your confidence with a pair of high heeled shoes.www.heavenonheels.net

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