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Open Toe Pumps

Open Toe Pumps
If you could have only one style of heel would it be?

As a crossdresser, I would buy my self a pair of heels, but I can not have a partner many of the heels. If I can my self a pair of heels to go with different outfits, what I, open toe-example, pumps, wedges, etc.

If you are only looking to buy a pair of heels of a wedge would be the best, with one end closed. Many crossdressers choosing high-heeled stilettos, do have a very sexy, but can be very difficult to enter and it takes practice, are also hard on the feet. A wedge has given a look sexy, but it also has a casual look and are much easier to learn to walk and much better on their bows. Also If you rely on crossdress in private and only is carried inside to complete the look or crossdress in public and takes off. I still think that in any case, a wedge would be the best and still give you a look sexy, but to be the most convenient. You can ask others in this http://mwpclub.com transvestites crossdressing community have asked me many different issues and have not received a lot of good advice to talk with other transvestites and get answers to take the guess work out of what to wear, how comfortable, size matters, and any other questions about crossdressing.

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