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Nine West Nuncio

Nine West Nuncio
you r really good at this! hope u can help me find this!?

Alrighty now, folks: I gave ua little treasure hunt before, and here is one more. my mom has to find these shoes and I can not find that maybe this can help u are: nine west pumps. Style: Nuncio color: navy size: 6.5 ok so if u are good at finding things, then maybe u can help, but remember, there is no link to eBay because they want to be able to return if necessary. No, not them, are as dark and clear … but hey, thanks for trying! http://www.ninewest.com/n/browse/product.s?source=search&productId=11520 their these, but they are needed by 6.5 which is the point of my entire Q. u find them in a 6.5?

Yay! What are these? Http: / / www.ninewest.com/n/browse/product.s?source=search&productId=11520

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