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Navy Blue Leather

LA Title: Citizen Watch Skyhawk Blue

This is the "Blue Angels" Mira. The Citizen Skyhawk Titanium Watch pays tribute to the legendary precision U.S. Navy flying team, the Blue Angels insignia on the back of the clock.

I remember summers as a child, taking road trips Navy Base in the back of the truck, just to watch the Blue Angels fly. I am always surprised to witness the aerial maneuvers at speeds as large, remarkable precision and perfect timing. In fact, the same could be said about this watch, its rapid pace.

I love this watch. This model third generation is much lighter and significantly stronger than the previous Skyhawk. Satin Titanium bracelet is about 50 percent lighter than steel and full 30 percent stronger. You can really feel the difference.

The role Eco-Drive is an extraordinary technology. The battery power Sun took the light from natural and artificial sources. I appreciate the fact that never required a new battery, and can run stable for 6 months in the full dark. That is ridiculous, amazing technology is good for the planet.

This chronograph is beautifully designed. It is a true work of art, like everything fine watch should be. But much more, and that and that's what makes it special.

Multiple time zone capability is a nice feature for active lifestyles. You will to play with the clock to see what I mean, but the international business and global wanderers will appreciate this function to the same extent.

Can Skyhawk take if you like diving. You will find that beat most of the clocks in the water, given the number of notable 100M. The titanium hardware makes it resistant to salt water corrosion of the traditional stainless steel.

When you're exhausted from a day in the ocean, this watch looks sharp with a jacket sport and a hot date. If you like this watch, even half of what I do, it will be money well spent and a great addition to your collection.

I created a store for the best Citizen Watch Skyhawk Blue Angels. You can compare features side by side and find the one you want.

– Citizen Watch Skyhawk Steel stainless

– Citizen Skyhawk AT Titanium

– Citizen Titanium Skyhawk AT Chronograph

– Citizen Skyhawk Titanium Diver rubber

– Citizen Skyhawk Chronograph Atomic leather

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