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Must Have Gorgeous

Must Have Gorgeous
Why is my gf seen the light for others?

My gf takes four hours to get ready for pulls out all his paintings hair and uses her beautiful face sexy clothes and makes hair nice, but when we get home has to change and wash your face before you can touch it. She says she is not the clothes and makeup, so that she not want to feel like a prostitute. I have to like her cos theyre hairy hair as she and I have no makeup and sweatpants why cannot I like when she is prepared?

This is something that she really has to give an answer, if she is willing to, our views are probably not going to be right. It is clear that she wants to do a good impression on others when it comes out, I suggest that she may have an image problem, if coupled with how she dresses up with being "like a prostitute" and continues to dress that way to go. I say it is important to be able to accept the other person if they look "fabulous" or not, since it would be difficult to maintain "Style" all the time. I think people in a relationship may tend to take each other of course, not want to spend the time to "look good" for the person you're with. Ask why this effort will be for people who do not even worry about it, unlike yourself.

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