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Mini Wedge Sandal

Mini Wedge Sandal
Ladies: What is (are) your dress sexy footwear combination (s)?

Sexy combinations may include but not limited to: a. miniskirts (Regular or mini micro mini, any style or form) b. mini-dresses (with or without sleeves or straps) c. hot pants (short shorts, shorts, booty shorts, etc) d. low-rise/low-rider jeans or pants (denim jeans or not) e. t-shirts/tops baby (long or short sleeves, high or low cut, open or close the womb, etc) f. sleeveless shirts / tops (tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, blouses, shoulder, etc) g. *** high heel pumps (any style toe, tied or strappless) h. high-heeled sandals * (any style toe, tied or strip) i. * high-heeled boots (any length) * high-heeled shoes may come either on a wrist, stilletos, platform, wedge, espadrille or style. ** High heel pumps may come in the form either of Mary Jane (with instep straps, T-bars, crisscross straps, or ankle wrappers), Orsays D ', slingbacks, mules, moccasins, Oxford, or boots. Please feel free to show pictures of your clothes in case I messed up!

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