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Tacx s "It's about innovation and passion

Tacx, one focusing on innovation, is taking his passion for cycling and an inspiration for excellence and make products easier to provide training for the rest of us with its exceptional line of virtual reality trainers, software and movies on a bicycle. Not to mention its complete line of repair stands, tools, water bottles and water bottle cages.

It all started back in 1935, when a boy named Koos Tacx born, or rather, born to ride. In his 22nd birthday, Mr. Tacx, a staunch fan of cycling, bought a small bike shop. This little bike shop gradually expanded its services to include the many innovative ideas that were fed by passion and perseverance of Mr. Tacx and his family. Now, well into the 21st century, we can honestly say, Tacx has made riding and training easier and more efficient for cyclists competitive and fans around the world.

Tacx Flow Take, for example. It is the best selling Tacx trainer. The flow looks a lot like many other coaches magnetic in the market, but making Tacx flow even more so is a complete coach Ergo. Tacx flow provides the heart rate and cadence and as current, average and maximum speed and power. All these data are measured and displayed in elegant, handlebar mounted computer screen. During his training allows Tacx Flow easily adapt the program to their needs more power or slope resistance. The adjustment is controlled from the handlebars because the electromagnetic brakes communicates directly with the handlebar-mounted slimline computer screen. In line with Tacx trainers, the flow allows the lowest cost for a coach with Watts, alias – the power!

We all know that training can be excruciatingly boring when you're staring at the wall. And a television program as a partner to mount makes a training session weak. With this in mind, Tacx developed a line of software systems and bike videos that stood in the midst of a career.

You only need a computer, software and training unit so you can ride in places like Mt. Ventoux or Alpe d'Huez, while climate-controlled comfort of your home.

There different levels represented by the line Tacx trainers each have their own merits. We'll start with cycling training videos.

Tacx Trainers now have more than twenty films of legendary races and cycling classics that were made specifically for Tacx Virtual Reality training systems. Racing as Milan San Remo, the Tour of Flanders, the Tour of Lombardy, the Classic of the Alps and the Pyrenees on stage, just to name a few. When the videos are related Tacx with coach, trainer helps control the speed of video and video controls resistance tilt their head coach. During the development of this system Tacx has created a widescreen version that allows you to turn left or right so you can explore the course even more.

The following is the Ergo system video where you can participate in a training ride with world class professional cyclists. It is an efficient way to improve your technique and fitness level. The videos are shot on site with the professionals, so you can enjoy the ride with them. With That said, it is best to keep up! By speeding, you must too. Fortunately, take it easy when you have the chance to catch my breath. It is a great way to get to that next level in their walk.

Our favorite is the coach Tacx Fortius virtual. It's like a game where you get to use your own bike. You can even compete against other users Tacx Fortius over the Internet. With a lot of courses and lengths, never get bored with indoor training anymore. powerful engine brakes provide more realistic resistance to simulate climbing. And they even let the coast during descents. We especially liked the natural shape of the other drivers are, your pedal strokes are very realistic. They encourage, standing on the pedals, change walking, drinking from their bottles of water and provide some spectacular crashes for your viewing pleasure.

Tacx has been around since 1957 continues to make great progress in trainers and accessories to ensure they have the best material to work. In the world of Trainers, Tacx stand above the crowd with their innovation and affordability.

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