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Mary Jane Platform

Mary Jane Platform


Even in the knowledge of her shoes behind other types of shoes

Mary Jane Shoes. Mary Jane shoes are shoes that have straps over the foot. These shoes can have a single strap or more than one. Mary Jane also come in different heights.

Mules. A shoe is a mule, if the back is open and the fingers are closed. But unlike the clogs, the heel of a mule can be thick or thin, whether height.

Platform shoes. A platform shoe with a thick sole in front. Can be wedged heels, stiletto heels and chunky thick and even.

Slide shoe. A slide shoe is a slip on shoe that has either a single belt or a set of straps on the top, but both the finger back up and open. A slide shoe can come in blocks of flats may also have a heel of any type or height.

Sling back shoes. If a shoe a strap on the back instead of having a complete, closed-back, is a sling-back shoe. A sling-back shoe or it may have an open toe or closed finger foot.

Stiletto shoes. Stiletto shoes with thin, high heels and pointed toes. They are also called peaks.

Wedge. Wedge shoes are those that have heels triangle extending from the back of the shoe in the middle or even the front, creating a wedge shape. wedge shoes come in different heights.

So with this knowledge of your type of shoes, it would be easier for you to know the type of footwear that fits your type of leg.

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