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Lolita Gothic Punk

Lolita Gothic Punk
I want to be Gothish / Punk But if I stay the same?

I've always been intreasted in Gothic / Punk Gothic Lolita / look, but I also love Spanish stye and most fashionable today (a lot of my clothes are more fashionable because I get handidowns). Is there a way for me to be at a time? My personality is sorta dark and poured bettween happy go lucky girl. I love being alone sad and depressing things anayalzing almost everything. On the other hand I love music Broadway (My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Rent, Wicked) and be with a small group of friends and preformed on stage. What is style? Should I try goth / punk / Goth lolita or continue with the style I have for me?

Do whatever the hell you want! It's your life, do not let others choose for you! Only will be fresher for the two meshes. Seriously think about it. If you change for you, or is changing to other people? You are unique, do not let a dress set or style that you define. Just do what you want to do.

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