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Linked Gladiator Pump

Accessories for this dress?

http://www.shopdivine.com/PhotoGallery.asp?ProductCode=Ema+Savahl+Black+Silk+Jersey+T so I got a dress that looks exactly like the one above. I will take him to a club. i stand at 5 "9 ', so I'm tall for a girl. I love to use bombs, but I would look ridiculous. I was thinking maybe gladiator flats, or a nice looking gladiator studded sandals or something. I have no idea. I do not know what color. I'm thinking like gold or silver? What do you think? i also would like a little clutch or something. What do you think, send me some links:) I choose the best answer as always. Thank you. (I'm a brunette if that helps)

make bright metallic colors, silver gladiator himself as a great sound! if you're so make a nice bright color, perhaps to coincide with large floors or yellow is now for them to explode. but do no more with dark colors and dark suit. Reds look good with a clutch, playing with brightly colored accessories are this year!

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