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Dinner Ideas Essay

What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to thank the couple to their families, friends and the bridal party before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is traditionally held the night before the wedding, right after the wedding rehearsal. Although it can occur at any time before the wedding date.

The rehearsal dinner is usually paid by the groom's parents. However, the bride and groom may also choose to pay for dinner as part of their gratitude to their friends and family.

Who is invited

Immediate family, as well as the bridal party are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Also any outside guests at the wedding of people must be included. The dinner is normally held in a semi-formal restaurant or informal. During the rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom to provide his family and the bridal party. This is also the time when the couple can give gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What to use

Obviously, the outfit will depend a bit on the place and style dinner. rehearsal dinners can be done in informal settlements, but more often no, will take place in a semi-formal.

A traditional dress, a sports jacket and pants, or even a pair of khakis and a sweater are appropriate for the groom.

The bride can choose from many options.

The Pantsuit – A classic pantsuit is always a good fashion choice for the rehearsal dinner. Choose dark colors for a more formal or fun, bright colors for a casual system. Warm weather fabrics are silk, linen and light knits. For colder weather, select a velvet pant suit, wool or jersey knit. Add a pair of women's shoes, heels or boots. Mary Jane pumps, mules, velvet or leather boots will work.

The Little Black Dress – It is always a great success, the little black dress is very appropriate for a dinner test. If husband-to-be is wearing a dark suit, dress according to choose a style of dress or skirt falls just below the knee. A little black cocktail dress is also a good option. Sleeveless, halter style or capped sleeve styles are perfect. For a cocktail dress, short skirts are fine, as long as not too short. Slightly more than two inches above the knee is probably not a good idea. Add a pair of sandals, peep-toe pumps or patent leather slingbacks.

The Sweater Dress – For a winter wedding, the dress sweater is the perfect choice for your rehearsal dinner. A style that touches the body, but not too sticky is perfect. You can choose from the chimney neck, turtleneck or V-neck varieties. Like the cocktail dress, nothing too short not appropriate. Choose any color you like, including solids, stripes and prints. For a more casual affair, wear your sweater dress with a pair of leather boots, knee high. For something more formal, choose a pair wear pumps or sandals.

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