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Leather Sandals Shoes

Casual footwear production base in China – Ruian City, Xincheng Town

Industrial City – Ruian City, Xincheng Town, the production of leather casual shoes and famous for its advocacy of fashion, elegance, comfort, health, philosophy, its products to consumers throughout the country both for 92% of skin Casual shoes are produced in shencheng city. 2001 shencheng the city by the China Association for Regional Development approved a "production base of casual footwear in China. "

Speaking of casual shoes, we will not forget their "founder" – shencheng leading companies in Zhejiang Province town of State Shoes Cong Ruan tournament chairman. In 1992 he was a structure of standing and walking on human physiological characteristics reported disclosure, after careful investigation and development of new types of shoes – leather shoes. The shoes not only to maintain traditional advantages shoes noble, elegant, but also to make them more portable, usable, gentle, all ages. Casual shoes came quickly recognized by consumers and favor, and for a scarce commodity.

Shoe companies have followed the conversion City casual shoes, and gradually formed a certain scale. So far 230 manufacturers, over 300 production lines, annual production of leather footwear casual over 100 million pairs of industrial production value of nearly $ 30 million, opened in major cities around the country, and stores more than 2,000 points of sale at wholesale. Products are sold to major domestic markets and exported to the U.S., Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions. Shencheng city of China and the world has become a real base of casual shoes production, developing at a rapid pace, the growing scale of development, quality and continuously improve the product, the establishment of a considerable economic and social benefits. With a population of only 11 million euros, an area of only 35 square kilometers of the city, the footwear industry can be described as a long history. Since the canvas shoes, cowhide, pigskin shoes for footwear Hiking, experienced hand-stitched, family footwear, footwear and shareholders, the Liaison Office in shoe production patterns of cooperation, production processes continue to improve, expand production scale. The successful development of leather casual shoes, Ruian City, the regional economy to become a major bright spot, "China casual shoes manufacturing base" repeated shencheng so famous.

In Ryan's strong support of local government, proposed a series of casual shoes Xincheng priority development policies and measures: one, be sure to extend the construction of the park, increasing cohesion casual footwear to increase the scale base, second is to accelerate the pace of technology to continuously improve production technology, upgrade technology production and productivity, while increasing efforts to develop new products continually adapt to changing markets, third place is for actively implement the quality of the brand strategy to improve the quality to win consumers to brands dominate the market and achieve development sustainable enterprises to further consolidate the position, expand the shoes "Chinese" in the country and the world impact.

Today shencheng great development of the city seize the favorable opportunity, take advantage of "China's manufacturing base of casual footwear" sub-sovereign into the dermis, Xincheng town regional brands of casual shoes bigger, stronger. actively implementing a quality brand strategy, with perfect quality to win consumers to brands dominate the market. Currently has 2000 acres of casual shoes production base construction, leather footwear production Ryan casual and develop an even broader space for development. About the Author

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