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Leather Platform Shoes

Leather Platform Shoes
What should I wear the women of Ireland / Venice / Paris trip Jan08-Dec07 to be hot and trendy?

I love going to pubs and I would love look good while I'm still hot …. I live in Australia and have a light winter clothes … I pack a few summer tops and layered with warm clothes? Am packing a pair of walking shoes, 2 pairs of leather boots (fashion heels) and a pair of platform shoes peeptoe … HELP! I packed 3 jeans, 3 satin knee length dress, a long woolen skirt, a long black wool coat, a red sweater, three light wool sweater / jackets, 1 pair black leggings, three long-sleeved shirts of cotton, jacket white leather, three deposit slips, a silk cami ….

Wow that's hard to take – I would skip the jeans – Heavy and real cold not hot pants dark wool would be the best thermal underwear is great, light, and if you get the right styles more invisible here http://lissiearticles.com/vacation-packing-list-and- packing tips tips /

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