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Leather Loafers Shoes

Leather Loafers Shoes
what color shoes go well with this team?

I have a pair of brown suede moccasins, leather moccasins and Bellagio Black Oak (a kind dark beige) loafers. I know the gray shirt (called "black"); http://www.express.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=19809&parentCategoryId=1&categoryId=49&subCategoryId=49&Mcat=49&Mcatp=cat_1&Mpos=5&Mppg=0&Mcatn=Shirts&Mcatpn=category&Mpg =% SEARCH 2BNAV and user_att_name Mpper = 3 & Interest = & = Email & user_att_value =* =* & Mrsavf MRSA on the website with jeans dark.

You must wear shoes of the Black, because it brings the color of the shirt with a bluish gray tie Twins Black And Black And If You Want a type of jacket you be Black Tux Money …..! LOL Ti

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