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Leather Boots Size

Leather Boots Size
Can my leather boots stretched a size of a few?

Hello, my boyfriend decided to buy some knee high boots, stilettos Valentine's Day. The good news is that they are very expensive, the bad news is that there seems to know what "means that the size. So I have now are a couple of $ $ $ $ boots that fit me on my feet, but can not post as he took two half sizes too small so there is a large hole between the sides of a zipper three fingers in size. Does anyone know if you can somehow stretch enough to the zipper leather boots? I have tried to bring them back to the store and found they have nothing more action but I love her style so much I want to use them. Please help me.

Problem no. I'm pretty sure you can stretch boots a / 2 size 1. Just tell him not to attack you! It's not your fault. You're not saying you do not like the boots, you want to resize. Get a receipt F / him.

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