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Latin Salsa Tango

Latin Salsa Tango
Latin Music Does contain the most variety?

I do not know much about music on a global scale, but I think that Latin music is very unique and contains several different types of genres. Each has its own distinctive sound. Not all lists, as there are too many to list. I simply list of the best known. As you can see, I have also listed American music that has also transcended the language barrier Latin Music. This creates a wide range of Latin music including: Latin Music: 1. Salsa 2. Regeaton 3. Merengue 4. Bachata 5. Mariachi 6. Northern 7. Rumba 8. Mambo 9. Cumbia 10. Punta 11. Tango 12. Bolero 13. Rock in Spanish 14. Hip Hop in Spanish 15. Spanish Pop

I absolutely loved this question, and all covered with the variety of genres very well. Although I think perhaps three more can fit into those categories, would be 16. RANCHERA 17. Corridos 18. BANDA You're right, there is probably some more that i could have u + forgotten the name. I say, keep more coming, if anyone out there thinks of others. (My personal favorite top 3 in Spanish are # s 1, 3, and 4). Panterita

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