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Latin Ballroom Salsa

Latin Ballroom Salsa
What dance studios in New York offer dance classes in the city (more than salsa)? ?

Looking to learn ballroom dancing, Latin and especially international styles such as mambo, cha cha and samba. I know there are a lot of salsa and merengue places, but I want more than that. And if anyone knows of a dance club to go to that helps! I learned salsa and merengue to go to clubs. Thanks!

New York is also the center of the scene American dance, so you should have no problems. Have you tried http://www.ballroomdancers.com pagers and / or http://www.accessdance.com? Note in the ballroom of international style, the mambo is considered a variant of social rumba, not one of the five Latin dances. But chances are, the study also reflect offer ballroom of America, and the mambo is by far one of the five major dance rhythm in that genre, so it's more a question of terminology a potential problem in choosing a study.

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