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Lace Bow Pleated

Lace Bow Pleated

Fashion Week in London for the autumn / winter 2010

frumpy to funky London based Personal Stylist, Karen Grace, comments on some of the shows London Fashion Week catwalk in Fall / Winter 2010

PROPHETIK "Southern Shores" gateway show.Designer JEFF GARNER

Showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout 19Feb10

Tennessee Prophetik initiated based fashion shows in LFW Vauxhall Scout, Freemason Hall, Covent Garden. And what a lack of off!

At first it was lulled into thinking a casual country theme south when violinist Anna Cwad finger playing music begins to play, Paramore with ex Jason Bynum join her on guitar. Then the band breaks this illusion demolition man with his fusion of punk and pop rock. Not surprisingly, as their drummer is the ex-Sex Pistols Paul Cook and his vocals / lead guitar is the ex-Def Leppard Phil Collen. And do not forget your bassist Simon Laffy of Girl Brit glam rock act.

With the demolition man increase the pace, the show started to collect designer Jeff Garner A/W10 ethics entitled "Southern Shores." His inspiration came from American Civil War and see the hope and romance, with conflict and uncertainty.

Main color palette in a Civil War colors were blue, gray with a touch of red.

Men's clothing to bedding was looking serious and ¾-length coats, jackets, antique buttons, boots and peace ties silk.

For women, the designs range from riding pants, ripped leggings, military jackets and coats to completely house-style dresses Prairie. Intermediate were the mini dresses and long dresses, flowing as a team with flat-heeled riding boots.

At the end of the show, the music matured Jeff Garner appeared as looking the part of the Southern gent for a walk with his southern belle in her long dress flashy red velvet bodice.

Garner collection is proof that fashion has to look to be harmed in the production of ethical clothing.

Prophetik man is a sustainable and womenswear label materials organic like organic cotton, hemp, flax, Greenspun (recycled bottles) and organic pigments. One of the dresses of his signature "the Elle "is made of silk and organic cotton that elephants have been painted in collaboration with the AEACP (Asian Elephant Art Conservation Project), which helps raise funds for an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. "

Orla Kiely presentation TUESDAY-CHILD FALL / WINTER 2010

presented at the Hall Gate, Somerset House 19Feb10

The setting for the presentation Orla Kiely was two rooms are impressive change decorated in the style of 60's with brown and beige designed Orla Kiely wallpaper in the living room and the dark and light blue in the bedroom. The furniture was vintage 60 and a modern retro television showed the collection on display. Models sit or stand above the knee dresses and skirts teamed with shoes and mid-calf socks navy.

Patterns for wallpaper and dresses are inspired by abstract art and photography Ivon Hutchins of Erwin Olaf, and captured the essence of the fallen leaves.

Main color palette was autumnal – cream instead of white, various shades of brown, burnt orange and marina. The gray and black may be mandatory in some parts.

Fabrics used were mohair and wool crepe and jacquard controlled together traditional wool

The models wore their hair in a bun and makeup was simple grave, providing a good contrast with the collars nice and fun update retro style of the '60s.

LAKOBUKIA "Emotions" show Catwalk

Showing Fashion Mavericks, the Strand Palace Hotel 20Feb10

With its collection A/W10 entitled "Emotions" Lako Buki wanted to show the two types, dark evil positive emotions through fabric, shape and color.

The main color palette is black on the darker side and white for the lighter side of emotions. A few seem parts cream show that not everything is black and white.

In materials that are lightweight soft flowing chiffon, cotton silk and wool stiffer.

geometric shapes seen in necklaces, and through diagonal zippers. The rack is also used as a bridge linking the tissues more rigid with soft fabrics. Some pieces are evident in the contrast between hard and soft tissues. In others, change can only be seen once the post has been destroyed and only reveals the hidden story underneath of soft silk. Zippers on the shoulders and sides allow the user the flexibility to change your figure – if the mood takes her.

Lako shoes look striking in soft leather black or white triangular heels. Explains the triangle is a more gothic and gives it a more emotional contrast to the softness of the leather.

Not surprisingly, his favorite piece is the chiffon long flowing white pleated dress that was associated with some strong silk cotton coat back to front. The coat has a collar with long flaps represent geometric bad emotion. Once the layer is removed, the dress is free of restrictions and can float on emotions only good.

Lako Buki, from fashion designer, was born on October 4, 1987 in the city of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. After graduating from the School No. 58 in Tbilisi, he was immediately offered a place in the A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art, where she did her degree in Fashion and Textile Design.

SADO "Geometric Glamour" gateway show.Designer Gherzi CARLOTTA

Showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout 20 February 10

The young designer label is born in Russia Sado Gherzi Carlotta (Italian parents) who brings an elegant modern edge to the label.

The last collection had great styles that could be used by real women, not just runway models. The main color palette was black with blue and red pillar box.

Silks dominated the tops, dresses and even tights conducted by the intensity of both blue and red.

"Glamour geometry" is the title of this fall / winter 2010 collection – this was in the silk leggings, shirts and dresses that were all the folds in horizontal layers give texture and depth.

Black fabric wear glamorous gloss to produce tissues throughout the bright horizontal bands

The silver and red brocade appeared for evening dresses. In particular, added a silver brocade strapless maxi dress.

Sado signature is elegant and classic – the collection of this season did not disappoint.

PARIS DOII "Walk in the Forest" show Catwalk

Vauxhall Fashion Scout Overview 21Feb10

This first parade was the Korean designer Lee Doii in London and not disappoint.

The collection entitled "Walk in the Forest" was inspired by her favorite story Russian "Baba Yaga" In this fairy tale a wicked stepmother sends her lovely daughter to step into the forest to visit her aunt, Baba Yaga, the witch.

Doii standing in the history of the forest, passing through a heady rose maze. copper models had hair in layers and sequined chiffon dresses bright dresses – all print exclusive designer illustrates the major pink red roses. Red patent high-heeled shoes with patterned fabrics tied around the ankles in great arcs correspond to the intensity of the designs. faux fur white trim and cladding adds softness to some of the more rigid fabric with sequins. The first joint the gateway immediately caught our attention – straight long chiffon dress with a kick flare hem, is covered with a blanket of sequined tails in the pattern pink and white faux fur-lined.

"A Dove guides her in the right way" – fingerprints and white doves were flying orange / peach or very light chiffon fabric with sequins. The double-layer belted short sequinned chest in big bold pigeons turned his spectacular blue print contrast and creams on the lapels. The dove in print chiffon dresses and shorts were stoned below because of their smaller scale.

"A garden full of beautiful memories of sun" primary color palette was the cream with a touch of blue, green and pink. The impression of potted plants was unclear, as if lost in the sun. Here we saw a loose sequins egg-shaped coat with a sexy shot at the bottom and cuff. The print contrast collar Moon added to the glamor.

The history and walking becomes darker, she is in crisis in mid-rich gray or brown are added to the mix. Printing is more busy and alive again. Patent leather shoes color changes from red to black concerns serious, but always with the patterned fabric tied around the ankle. Here we saw smooth gray short mid-chest double layer of wool lapels contrasts perfectly with bright prints, tie, belt, cuff bands and buttons.

"Its a heart sank "- black and gray dominate and prints are the designer of lace and netting. features the Black lace evening dresses with sequins, black hair on their shields. Another magnificent shield (you can see a pattern emerging here – I'm loving the coats!), This time in black with a touch of white and gray. Shape egg, black fur collar and sexy kick at the bottom and cuff. Black and gray slouchy leg warmers zippered leather black patent shoes took a touch luxury. The impression of silver gray lace was associated with wavy black lace sleeves Bishop made a simple egg-shaped mini dress a knock out cocktail dress. And elbow length black lace and puffed sleeves Lace at high levels and the lower yoke of another mini silver gray print dress gave her a vintage Edwardian look.

"But I knew it was a protected one" – the colors here were pale gold and black. Here we saw a gold and black sequined printed trench coat with flaps gray plain, belt loop and pockets. A short gold sequined dress and black print was given the 20's vintage look with a low waist and a broad band Gold scalloped lace around the hem.

"My friend skeleton is always with me" – again black and gray dominated the new print assemblage of skulls. Here we saw a luxurious leather knee-length wrap coat with silver gray fur wraps and a touch of glitter skull print, and a mid-gray mini coat wool coat trimmed with sequined skull print on the pockets, cuffs, waist and partial front contrasting collar and polka dot trim.

"Then the goat queen of the jungle is on your side" – honey blonde models wearing out traces of the queen of creams goat, brown, white, soft a touch of blue. An egg-shaped padding layer, simple but for the impression and was associated with the silver gray fur, leg warmers. Other teams trimmed with fur white polyester gave an appearance of Cossacks.

Divine pink flower along the dark road of the jungle "- Proving anything can look lovely a layer style canvas had the luxury over sequins with a pattern of roses on the way to the forest green, lining and faux fur trim light gray and the edge long in the back.

chiffon dresses were long and short, some of them with some of the signature sequins, some decorated with little hearts hanging on the back and some with their hems and on the back. They were all colors and prints.

Dressed in heavier fabrics were embellished completely in sequins Doii impression taking even more stunning designs.

My favorites were the coats: all parts statement showing that no waiting to take off his coat before making an entry.

Doii states that the lady who takes Doii Paris becomes a diva. The last model appeared in a sequined black coat and a big hat with fringes, provided that reached his shoulders. Does not represent the end of the story, but in true diva style, this piece wanted occupy a central place.



The presentation at the Gate Room, Somerset House 21Feb10

The bohemian style can be for the husband and wife design duo (Suzanne Clements & Inacio Ribeiro) last collection, but this is the glamorous bohemian decadence. They chose to look back to the 70s around the time that Yves Saint Laurent created his collection of Russian

The shoes were to die – all decorated with motifs of sequins. My favorites were the long boots of soft leather, slightly awkward and met at the top.

Sequins also decorate dresses, pants and cardigans, with crystals.

The collection is divided into sections defined:

One more as the men's section – main color palette charcoal gray, black and dark plum.

knitted fabrics were embellished large but in an understated tone monochrome to create classic glamor.

The women's section was silk dresses, skirts and tops in Paisley and shake marble effect impressions.

A dress and pants in pale golden jacquard cardigans adorned with jeweled sequin motifs or patterns. The colors are more subdued in green, gold, mustard, brown and dark gray, light.

The more affluent section showed the heavy brocade for jackets, skirts and coats decorated with sequins. Main color palette was black and midnight blue. Nice touch with the leather gloves trimmed with sequins.

This collection shows opulent luxury has just be restricted to evening wear.



The presentation at the Gate Room, Somerset House 21Feb10

Despite advertising as a presentation, the designer Julie Wilkins submission of classics of their future label A / W 10 collection was more like a mini parade. Banks were established for the models could walk down between them – so each had a front row view!

The inspiration for this collection was: "Cut and paste, the written word and the craft revival (A) Manship."

Main color palette was neutral and black (what another thing for the classics), with a touch of pink and orange to brighten the collection.

Lots of knit hooded long drapes, pants and leggings. Especially loved the print leggings jeans. Clearer in black or gray leggings were given a more interesting with a row of buttons sewn down the front.

Skin covered only the sleeves and hats giving a more playful.

Long black satin fingerless gloves reach above the elbow LBDS looked good with the dressing in layers.

This collection is for women who like the smooth adaptation and knitting, but want a little design touch of its classical style.

For help with personal shopping in London and visit the dowdy image consultancy http://www.frumpytofunky.com funky website or email Karen on contact@frumpytofunky.com

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