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Knee Thigh High

Knee Thigh High
knee highs or thigh highs for my costume? I can not decide?

I'm gonna be a sexy (and hot) school girl for Halloween (my boyfriend is a teacher … 😉 Anyway, I can not decide if I should wear knee highs or thigh highs white white! They look very nice for me. So, here is the costumes (as shown with the thigh highs … but … I'm not using those poor quality.) http://www.loverslane.com/Boarding+School+Girl/cid=372/page_no=1/ edp_no = 25141/shop.axd/ProductDetails here are my shoes: http://www.loverslane.com/Eden/edp_no=21446/shop.axd/ProductDetails and here's the knee and upper thigh highs: http://www.loverslane.com/OPAQUE+KNEE + highs / keywords = + maximum knee / page_no = = 1/edp_no 21311/shop.axd/ProductDetails http://www.loverslane.com/Over+the+Knee+Thigh+High/cid=206/page_no=3/edp_no = 21 594 / Shop.axd / product details …. So Please help! 🙂 Thanks for your opinions!

Thigh highs of course!

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