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Knee High Buckle

Knee High Buckle
Knee high socks and boots. Fashion or not?

well my boots come up to my knee kind http://www.supersexyhighheels.com/sexyshoes/images/es/125_ZOLA.jpg how the boots, but not leather and have a nice buckle! and high knee socks, I could only see about half an inch of my socks though. What do you think? I thought it was cute, but apparently not everyone thinks so. Oh, to combine it with a skirt that fell on my knee. do or not do?

Personally I like that style had a couple of times, you should not be so worried bout what others think. when you get something different from its not being foreign to their way of be only forward. these same people talk about you when you get different things will be the exact style that was three months later, his confidence in me that happened to me sooooooooo many times before! I hope that helped

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