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Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black
Could this team be ok for a practice interview with Kenneth Cole?

Clothing: Fishnet http://15dollarstore.com/img/6573_1_240_p.jpg: http://i.americanapparel.net/storefront/images/detail/serve.asp?media=RSAPHH_Black.jpg Shoes: http://www.lulus.com/images/large/nrgoodrid.jpg

Yes I love everything. Now, to add to this team, I'd say keep jewelry to a minimum. Very small slope of the beam where no necklace, bracelet and such time like this: http://www.lulus.com/images/large/Vivacektr-2182.jpg now, I would suggest his bag to go with something off-color. I wouldnt go black or anything to match your dress, maybe something like a dark brown or forest green. Make it look professional, but not too playful. Put all that together and that's good! Good luck with your interview!

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