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Jimmy Choo Black

Jimmy Choo Black
Girls pocket What is DREAM?

I LOVE bags! I collect bags of the way some people collect stamps! I have a collection ranging from Louis Vuitton, a 'Lady Dior', and inherited an Hermes Birkin. Right now I have my eye on a Chanel Cambon bag, black with black cc ago I recently got a Jimmy Choo and Chanel after getting my .. I want a Chloe Paddington My question to you is what the DREAM pocket? If you could rate the top ten it would be? I wonder .. and you can put designer purse Coach and Dooney .. my first 'was never a Dooney and Bourke bag chair I bought to save Christmas and birthday money when I was 10 years! This was before all the fancy designs they have now, too! 🙂 And there I was with coach (Worked there for a few years) and have since graduated to what I have now … Well, when I say bag DREAM, I really think that if money was what no bag object you want to go to the store to buy now? tell me the name and style or paste a link!

I have to say a wristlet prada.

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